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SpringFest 2015

Paramour Velour’s Debut

Shoutout to Southwest for their first 2bags fly free policy, so I that I may bring along an array of goodies to vend

A jam band family friendly weekend in the beautiful live oak forests of Suwannee Florida.

 Happy customers sent along with an affordable fashion forward find.

Hooping& Dancing whilst music emanated all around under the stars, grass beneath my feet a true hippy treat.

Building a brand name of gypesetter fashion, with an appreciation . Partaking in the value of customer reviews and learning to acquire all body types, ages and witnessing my leggings as androgynous.

The joy of dressing band members in my wares, to finding my way in the festival world

A remergence of a vintage classic, velvet is received warmly

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About the Author : Stacy

The original gypesetter, Stacy is the founder of Paramour Velour and all around awesomeness.

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