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Wonderful Wanee began with a 30hr drive cross country carting all my wares to 10000+ attendee music fest in Live Oak Florida. A rain cloud attached itself to my bumper somewhere across Kansas and so for 8 hours a day the windshield wipers crossed my vision again and again taunting me to turn around.

When I arrived to Florida an unseasonable cold snap made for a suprsisingly productive Florida festival. Ah festivals one can never plan I had come equipped with bra tops and crop tops of sequin sizzle to sparkle in the sunshine but alas the leggings were the best seller.

Only my second year, First Wanee and third time vending on these grounds and the support and interest of what Paramour Velour is all about is growing.

It was a delight to have return customers find me within the other 100 vendors there and greet me with a smile of gratitude that I had returned.

The admiration for the legging line Ive worked diligently to represent has begun to show its self, literally as numerous women of all shapes cruised the festival scene adorned in Paramour Velour.

whats truly priceless is when you receive the warm hug personally from the lucky lady whom was gifted a creation of yours by her beloved and told the words I love it!!

Those southern boys are quite special they all admire their ladies for the shapelyness they are. Southern boys love making their women feel special.

It was the first night after a Wide Spread Panic set was letting out and the crowds were starting to move again that I decided what the heck its 11pm but Ill open back up and see what shall be.

Upon opening a young man entered exclaiming he must buy a dress for his lady that was on the mannequin as it was something she’s desired for a long time. This was one of my new creations the fairy fest sleeve dress that has always been warmly received.

Well the next night the young girl came up to me personally and hugged me and exclaimed her excitement and delight and I realized then how’d Id be a part of the story of that dress that would be with her for life. Thanks Wanee for all the magic you hold and for all the family one can find through the crowd.

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About the Author : Stacy

The original gypesetter, Stacy is the founder of Paramour Velour and all around awesomeness.

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