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Salida you came AND HUFFED AND PUFFED AND blew my booth down.
A lesson learned
To vend and be an on the road vendor is one lesson learned after another. From the representation of your presentation, color wheels and how to hang clothes to be seen. To the exposure of booth placement in a setup . The art of drawing ones eyes to your designs.
A once in a lifetime opportunity came to find me when Mumford and Sons  GENTLEMAN ON THE ROAD TOUR stopped in Salida.
The GOTR selects randomly a small mountain town to orchestrate a concert of serious national talent, from whence they invest alot in marketing and headliner artists to the masses.
Being a fan of Mumford and Sons and enjoying the ever- expanding Colorado exposure for my designs I took off happily towards this New Frontier.
Salida crowds embraced my creations.  The first day of vending was profitable and feeling accomplished I closed up shop to go enjoy the other perks of vending to have an almost VIP concert experience.
Upon setting up the Saida winds had been strong and troublesome for me. I took time to notice the seasoned vendors had tied down their booths to trees, yet sadly there was not a tree for me. Staking  into the ground was not allowed. My only option duct tape all joints of the booth and tie down the tent to anything of weight in my view, coolers racks etc.
So there I was walking down to meet the masses to let loose with the crowd when the call came and my worst fears flooded over me. The voice on the other end erupted that  “your booth has collapsed, and you MUST hurry back!!”
I imagined Id return to a scene of my creations blowing in the wind scattered across downtown Salida.
Instead though I came up an entangled neatly wrapped mess of hangers and clothing.
  Right then I knew that tying down to water jugs was not enough.
It took many hours straightening out the mess the wind has caused in a mere gust.  I was exhausted and so contemplating one day left of vending I packed up.
Packing up, exhausted, I still held a smile in my heart as Paramour Velour had been received well yet again by another Colorado mountain town.
The following day calls came of customers sadly returning to the place where my booth had stood, hoping to purchase more, but not finding me.
 I accommodated them with sending items to them via mail. Infact it became my biggest online mail order town as of yet.
It was a lesson learned and a delight to be loved by the Salida crowd till the next time I find myself in your Windy City
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About the Author : Stacy

The original gypesetter, Stacy is the founder of Paramour Velour and all around awesomeness.

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