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ARISE it is truly a rising Festival.
The opportunity to vend offered me a different look into the Heart of Festivals.
  We the vendor offer more than just our Wares we offer our smiles we share ourselves with each person that passes into our booth.  Whether they make a purchase or not, is not important what matters is that we all come together in the Beauty and the art that is the Music Festival scene.
It had only been my second year attending and my first year Vending but I have seen ARISE Festival nurtured to grow.
The quality of workshops, heARTS and patrons that attend are testament to the  truth this is not an elitist Festival.
This is a festival of expression. A festival of movement through music and installations appreciative of those whom are resculpting society’s mold.
It’s hands down my favorite Festival music scene that I WAS HONORED TO VEND AT
Grateful to be chakra cleansed by the musical love tribe that is ARISE. Honored for the admiration of our studio designs.
Motivation and confirmation that when one follows their bliss inspiration births compensation.
Smiling greatly for the opportunity to represent our Brand  in its first year at a big time festival!!!
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About the Author : Stacy

The original gypesetter, Stacy is the founder of Paramour Velour and all around awesomeness.

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